General VA stats:
Number of pilots:15
Total flights flown:4 942
Total hours flown:12326:09
Total distance flown:9 027 339 NM
Stats generated at:31 Oct 2020 15:25:57z (1 sec ago)

Timetable stats:
Number of flights:183
Total distance:222 950 NM
Total duration:464:01
Most used aircraft:Boeing 727-400 (B727), 71 flights
Top destination:KMIA (Miami), 46 flights
Top departure:KMIA (Miami), 39 flights

Top pilots:
Top hours:4027:13 (Jurgen Hahn)
Top flights:1 576 (Jurgen Hahn)
Top distance:1 419 033 NM (Rob de Haan)