Terms of Service

1. I am at least 16 years of age.

2. I own a legal copy of Microsoft FS2004 / FS X.

3. I have an active internet connection with a valid working e-mail address.

4. I will fly a route or flight and log it with the airline at least once every 30 days, or I will be subject to removal from the VA, unless I have filled out a Vacation Form, which will grant me as much time as the Human Resource Department deems necessary.

5. I will fly and log one flight within 7 days of my joining the airline. If I do not fly at least one flight within my first 7 days of becoming a pilot for the VA, I will be subject to removal from the roster.

6. I will begin at an entry level position. If I have logged flight time with another airline, and submitted that information on the application, I will receive partial credit for the verified hours. If my hours can not be verified, then no hours will be credited to me. If I submit previous VA hours, I will also provide a URL or an e-mail address for PanAm Virtual to verify them. I understand that by not submitting a valid URL or email address to verify the hours with my previous airline, I forfeit the hours.

7. I will not act in any way that could hurt other pilots and/or management. I will not act in a manner or take any actions that could be considered detrimental to PanAm Virtual in any way. If there is any misconduct which the VA decides is in violation of these rules and agreements, I understand that I am liable to be removed from the airline.

8. I will not reveal any information within the airline without the CEO and/or President's approval. If I do so, I will be subject to immediate removal.

9. I will not submit any fraudulent information on my pilot application. Management discovering that I have done so will result in immediate removal from the roster.

10. I will not give others (other pilots, management or staff members, etc.) false information about myself on the forums, in emails, or through any other means of contact. If I have been found to be giving false information about myself, I understand that I am liable to be removed from the airline.

11. I permit PanAm Virtual staff to send me any email, including emails on a regular basis announcing online events, etc. as long as I remain on the roster.

12. I understand that PanAm Virtual staff reserves the right to decline my pilot application for any reason by removing me from the roster.
13. I must be an ACTIVE user @ IVAO with at least 50 hours.

I accept the Terms and Conditions and would like to continue in the registration process.