Your World, Your VA!!.,

Pan Am VA strives to uphold the legacy of the greatest airline to grace the skies, Pan American Airways. Pan Am VA provides our pilots airframes from Pan Am's historical prop liners, classic and modern jets.

Our VA concentrates on our pilots enjoyment.
We cater to professional virtual pilots who like
the payware planes as well as the casual simmer who enjoys the great freeware models out there. Our main goal is to ensure that our pilots enjoy their Pan Am experience and we do so by providing a warm and friendly community in our forums and future voice servers, a dynamic dispatch system, Hubs and Focus Cities in the USA and Europe, events and MORE! Feel free to look around, and if you are interested, why not join us?

If you are modern?, using the PMDG or LevelD?
No problem at our VA, we serve special liveries for  above aircrafts!
But not only Liveries...
We serve complete FS9 and FSX Aircrafts packs in our Huge Download Section of Pan Am Virtual!.
So we are 100% Compattible with FS9 and FSX!!!

Our site uses the automatic Pirep System.
So your flights will be automatic logged without sending flightreports!
So NO need to send your Pirep all the time..we do it automaticly for you while you flying on the IVAO network using your PAA calsign!

Please aware that we use for ATC identety the callsign: Clipper

Pan Am Postcard Office: (Send your Friends a Card)